The apple tree is looking as wild as usual, but the tree surgeon is booked to give it a fright in 2 weeks’ time. I’m hoping for some drastic improvement.

The water has receded a great deal now, but I’m still being careful walking around so as not to damage the paths. Patches near the shed in particular are going to need re-seeding, but I’ve still got half a sack of seed, so that’s not a problem.

Mum covered the remaining beds, while I spent forever digging out another long parsnip. It looks like the rest of them won’t be anything like as big, and so will be much easier pull-up harvests. Bed 7 has only been half-covered, leaving the big cornflowers in place. I’m hoping to be able to move them somewhere else in better weather. Trellis bed, maybe?

The kalette plant has continued to grow, but when I pulled off a reasonably sized kalette, it turned out to be absolutely full of whitefly. So ultimately it’ll just end up on the compost heap, but it can stay standing for now in case a pigeon wants to nibble it.

We’ve managed to insert a sheet of plastic between the left-hand water butt and the wall of the shed. It’s leaning and when full it’s been leaking out of the top and running down the side of the shed. I’m concerned it’s done some damage, but that’ll have to wait until spring to be dealt with. The shed could do with being re-painted anyway.

At home, the mystery currant is just starting to show tiny signs of growth.