Mum and I did a feed and water round. The very first pink bumblebee tomatoes have arrived, but only a few, so I just gave them general fertiliser this time.

One of the borage plants now has flower buds. Things are looking up for having something to show at the weekend.

The quinoa looks good and is also getting signs of the grain growing in the centre. The plants aren’t particularly tall, but are quite robust.

Three zinnias are out, with lots of side shoots to come and even more cornflowers are now open, smothered in soldier beetles.

I don’t think that the purple bell vine will do much this year. They’re not easy to find on the ledge, some have been eaten. The ledge feels messier this year, but there are now splashes of colour here and there.

The little leggy clary now has pink tips. I’m pretty sure that the robust plant in bed 1 is a clary that grew properly,  so that’s something to look forward to turning pink.

Afterwards a very few drops of rain fell. The first in six weeks.