A nice day, but the left hand side is still a little under water. I cleaned up a bunch of algae from the pond with the net. The sweet flag is a bit taken over by algae, which I keep trying to remove, in case it’s stunting the plant’s growth. Both loosestrife have finally started shooting, which is a relief.

Mr B told me a mad story about our neighbour being paranoid enough to think they were being filmed. Both by Mr B and by a wildlife camera hidden inside my robin’s nest box.

I broke down all the dead stalks of the helianthus and took out lemon balm and helianthus roots that had gone too far out. I’ve kept the stalks for now, in case they make a good material for stuffing holes behind logs.

I also got completely stuck in the mud as it was very wet where I was working. Good for pulling out roots, not good for moving your foot.

I planted a big lupin and a couple of salvia from the nursery in the trellis bed. It’s not looking bad for filling up, as long as the everlasting peas come up. A small lupin has gone into a gap in among all the self-sown corn cockles. There was evidence of vole tunnels when I dug the hole for the big lupin. I found a few holes in the beds and there was one in the top of the bug hotel too.

The onions have started to come up and all the garlic has sprouted and there are gaps waiting for the oca.

The triangle weeding is all done now. It was smothered in grass and in getting that out I’ve taken out a lot of mint too. It’s all over the place and I think I’ll need to get a good number of plants to fill up again. The back of the everlasting pea seems to have died, but there are new sprouts. The front of the orange geum has died off, so that plant won’t be as massive.