On a trip to Wyevale to get more white mustard seed, I did some more stone research. It looks like I’ll be using Scottish cobbles and pebbles from Brookside and there’s a nice bag of quartzite pea 20mm stones at Wyevale that could be useful for filling in non-tessellating holes.

I did more digging in two shifts today and all but cleared the corner. The big clump of grass in the far corner had grown across the chicken wire, but I managed to pull most of it out. That’s how so many clumps of grass have become entrenched further down the boundary. I don’t foresee being able to remove all those though.

The nursery has grown to include verbenas and lupins. I’ve only kept the best clumps of verbena and hope to make the verbena parts of the bed somewhat denser for a bit of coverage. The lupins may or may not survive as they have tap roots. If they do, I’ll find space for them in other boundaries.