I’ve added the apple offcuts to the compost heap. At home we now have a big pile of started apples plus a good number of whole ones, or ones with just a cursory peck. It’s not the best idea to have added them as the rat is around, but I want them on the heap. I’ve also added a brand new rat bait station to the space by the compost heap. The bait inside smells a bit chocolatey and the two entrance/exit holes line up perfectly with the gap between the heap and shed. Hopefully it’ll be at least as tempting as the apples.

I checked the leaf bin and it all looks good. It’s sunk down three holes now and still seems to be secure from pests.

I’ve mulched the trellis bed with the compost. It has all those little stones in it, but on a bed of this size it won’t be a problem. I’m hoping that if I get the vegetable version rather than the all purpose next time, it might be finer.

I’ve also now completely weeded the triangle and mulched it too. I was completely clapped out, so thoughts of moving the hyssop and maybe the lavender have been postponed to another day – probably spring, when all the boundaries are dealt with.