Seeds will be sown soon, so I went to the shed to collect all the starter pots and trays. The plot is still under inches of water in many places. A couple of sheets were flapping in spite of my trying to weigh them down on a previous visit. I waded to the shed and grabbed some extra staples and maybe just maybe they’ll stay down for a while.

The fruit trees are budding and I took a bit more off the apple tree. Some branches were poking out over the path more than necessary, so they’ve been cut off. I’m not entirely sure this isn’t growth since I pruned … I still need to work out how to make the tree stand up better / move the stake.

Plants are coming to life now. Some are easily identifiable, some are new little mysteries. There’s lots of grass that needs to come out, in Plum Corner in particular. That corner really needs some renovation. Maybe the ground will dry up enough sometime soon for me to put down a mat for weeding.

Some perennials from last year are  taking off РCanterbury Bells, Sweet William and lots of clumps of purple loosestrife around the plot.