The epsom salts (magnesium) arrived as I was in the car ready to go to the plot. I tidied up weeds round the back of the shed and did a round of pulling bindweed from under the shed too. I tore up the cardboard Amazon packaging and added it to the compost.


A couple of onions had bolted and came out of the ground when I tried to pull off the flower stalk. So they were taken home.

I deadheaded flowers and carried on weeding the border bed. I also made a huge inroad behind and under the apple tree and pulled down loads of bindweed and vetch from the trellis and unwound bindweed that was tying the tree to the fence. It’s hard to pull down the vetch without the seeds going everywhere and I regularly had to clear off my gloves, wiping the seeds into the bucket. I got halfway along the trellis before lunch on a 3 hr stint and then finished the job in 2 hours in the afternoon. Phew, what a job. Now there’s room for the big marigold and two dahlias that are waiting at home.

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