The water has receded somewhat after some clear days (but loads of rain yesterday), but it’s still pretty wet, particularly around the shed. We levelled Bed 6 (the worms had made an aerated raised section in the middle) and laid a thick layer of newspaper down and then put the plastic back. That’s now done for spring, when the grass edges will be cut back, cardboard edges and base added. Then sticks, manure, leaves and compost.

Bed 2 has also had more newspaper added to it, and the very end is now covered too. The original newspaper was sopping wet, so it’ll be interesting to see what survives until spring. At that point, I’ll uncover it all and see what weeds remain.

Bed 5 has now been put away for winter. A layer of leaf mould has been taken from the bin, then compost on top. In the spring I’ll add more manure and compost to bring up the level. For now, it’s covered in plastic and done.

We’ve covered the whole of Bed 1 with an overlapping layer of cardboard. The cardboard edging will be done later – but I’m out of cardboard now! Meanwhile, the plastic is back on.