The first job was cutting the grass. The main path got a 1, the rest had to put up with a 3 and 2, at which point I needed to direct my energy elsewhere. The little pumpkin had been nibbled and fallen off the vine.

There were a couple more runner beans on the vine, but that will surely be it. The tomatoes definitely have blight now so I’m just doing what I can to gather the fruit and ripen them before they get too infected.

I did a bunch of seed collecting – morning glory and corn cockle. I have some cornflower seed – and there are a few self-sown cornflowers in Bed 7 already – but it’s difficult to get out of the seed heads. So I’ve finally given up on the dead plants in the bed and pulled them up for the council bin, rather than my compost bin. So that bed looks much tidier now.