My new narcissus is awake, as is the first of the tulips. There’s a new tall narcissus and I think yet another type is coming along. That was a good varied bag.

The onions are sprouting and I only had to tuck a couple back in again. One felt a bit squishy, but I’ve put it back in just in case it still goes.

The pear blossom has arrived and the apple tree is just starting to sprout green.

Bed 5 is now open and hopefully the birds will eat the ants that I’ve revealed. As it’s going to be a root vegetable bed, I added phosphorus to it, as well as the relevant sections of beds 4 and 8.

I’ve split beds 4 and 8 and marked up the rows even if they’re not needed yet. I’ve sown ½ a row of carrot, ¼ of a row of chard and ½ a row of lettuce mix  in Bed 4, and ½ a row of beetroot in Bed 8.

In the afternoon I topped up beds 1, 5, 6 and 9 with more compost.

I sowed three rows of parsnip in Bed 5, hoping that the ants will just vacate the area. Having opened up Bed 1 to add more compost, I discovered some weeds breaking through from the layer of my compost. So much for the sterile layer on top. I picked those out and did some general pick weeding around the plot.