It’s going to be super hot over the weekend and we’re unlikely to get any of the thunderstorms. I managed to get down after work and did as much strimming as my arms could take and then fed a few beds and watered others. I’ve all but emptied the left of the two butts. I just need to give the pumpkins something this weekend and then I’ll reset to ¬†feeding everything in two weeks’ time.

Most plants looked ok for having not been watered for a while. A few cornflowers could do with some water, but I didn’t have much energy to do that. The French beans look rather yellow, but are also making lots of new green leaves, so hopefully it’s not a terminal problem. A bit of nitrogen wouldn’t hurt.

The sweetcorn still isn’t very big, but definitely looks thicker and healthier. There’s also a flower on one of the Jack Be Littles. just lots more water and feeding needed.