The standing water had receded, but the ground is still very wet down at the plot. Since time is passing, but the weather means that I can’t do proper work down there, my priority is (also) at least keeping the progress I’ve made. So I cleared the clay and few weeds from Bed 1 and managed to cover it on my own (hurray for it being a single sheet.)

I managed to move the big verbena and stick it in among the verbenas in the border.

I also made a bucketful of improvement to the remaining unweeded section of the left border and pulled up long grass and clumps of grass and cress. Although it still doesn’t look great, it’s a huge improvement.

I finished edging the outside of the fence with the wooden edging. I’m not sure how effective it’ll be, but it’s worth a go at reducing the impact of the grass from outside. Still not sure what to do about all the grass from the neighbouring plot.