At home, I sowed a small tray of Carmine King Californian poppies, more marigolds in the big tray and transferred the few good marigolds into their own little pots.

The runner beans are taking off big time, but I discovered that I was missing a French bean, so that’s been resown.

I’ve put the shop lobelia into slightly bigger cells so that they don’t die on me all of a sudden. That left a row of empty cells, so I’ve sown blue clary in there.

At the plot, we added some water to the butts and tipped out the useless lobelia seed tray out along the left border. I added the two clumps that had grown a little more carefully near the shed, but didn’t actually bother to water them.

The blackbird had been digging about again in a few beds, so we tidied up and then covered Bed 7 to curtail the biggest mess.