Some major digging had been happening in Beds 7, 10, 11 and a few little bits elsewhere, with even hügel sticks pulled out. I was all prepared to blame the field vole, but when Mr B came along, he was able to share that he had seen the culprit in action: a blackbird. The compost is so dry and loose that it’s really easy for the bird to kick about. There’s no telling where my flower seed is now. I could really do with some rain.

Today’s job of planting the potatoes (instead of the kalettes) was heralded by three potato haulms sticking out of the compost heap. I shall let them grow as long as is practical just for fun.

I’m trying a new method with the potatoes: not earthing up, but instead burying the potatoes nice and deep and letting them get on with it. I’ve put them 8″ down, which is in the soil below the newspaper layer. I’ve added half a bag of manure on top of the bed too, which wasn’t much thickness and I’m sure the blackbird will kick it off before tomorrow.

The apple tree is blossoming now and the pear tree is now showing a number of small fruit.

Although there’s been no rain to set off the seeds I’ve sown, the perennials are really waking up now. Bed 3 is a good example with its poppies and yarrow. The helianthus is also much bigger than last week. And the new perennials I’ve planted are all doing ok.

At home, I potted on my shop-bought lobelia into slightly bigger pots and sowed 6 new La Diva cucumbers. I’ve evidently overwatered a couple of my cucumbers as they’ve gone limp and died. Two remain and have true leaves though, so hopefully they’ll make it.