The wind was very strong and gusty this morning. The canes I put in had moved out of place and were doing zero, so I redid the crosses and then strung them together through the beans. I did the same thing either side of the sweetcorn too and I’m fairly confident everything will be ok through the windy day. It’s all fine again tomorrow. One thing’s for sure: I need new (and better) canes. They keep breaking when I’m pushing them into the ground and I’m going to end up flat on my face one of these days.

As well as doing a bunch of weeding around the tomatoes and all of the deadheading, I finished off edging Bed 1, cutting back the long grass among the creeping vines. I also stood up the viper’s bugloss and borages that had fallen over. So much for just going down to check on things.

The physostegia looks sadder than before. More of the back is yellowing and falling down. I hope I don’t lose it. I can’t find any common problems, so my theory is still that it got weedkiller on it from next door. Based on that theory, some reading tells me that I need to cut down the affected pieces and feed and mulch it to try and cheer it up again and with any luck it’ll recover.

The ledge doesn’t look too bad at the moment, though lots of it is unopened annuals, so it’ll all be different next year. This gaillardia is shining brightly and the asters are going to start opening soon.

Might this be another pumpkin on the way? Fingers crossed!

A cabbage white caterpillar was crawling up my water butt, which was a strange place to be in the wind.