We had a bit of rain overnight and tomorrow we’re due to get some strong winds – it’s already fairly blowy today – so I went down to stake what I could to try and make it reasonably safe.

I’ve done some not particularly heavy staking; just something to try and prevent swaying going too far. A couple of very loose, heavy pear branches have been given some twine support to stop and limit their sway. I think maybe I’ll be getting less wind than the people making preparations on Instagram, but I’ll probably go down tomorrow and see how things are doing.

The corn’s getting quite heavy and this cob in particular is a long way away from its stalk. It’s also showing one coloured kernel! The corn was swaying about in the wind, so I’ve given it some diagonals to try and stop it going too far, but it might need more attention.

I picked another harvest, partly to ease some of the weight on the plants. No doubt a bunch of these tomatoes would have otherwise ended up on the ground tomorrow. The biggest of the carrot thinning from by the beans made a lunch snack; the smallest will go to the hamsters.