In the morning I did a lot of seed sowing, mostly in the cucurbit family. Festival squash, courgette, ornamental gourds and Turks Turban all went into pots, as did a couple of second sowings of plum and cherry tomatoes. Runner beans for the first wigwam have also been sown indoors.

Plum blossom

A happy sight to see when I went to the allotment later was new blossom on my plum tree. The rest of the visit wasn’t quite so joyful as I discovered that the bed in which I was going to be sowing spinach, carrots and beetroot was basically squidgy clay. I was already knackered after a long day at my nieces’ birthday party the day before, so it wasn’t much fun attempt to crumble the soil up well enough for the seed to be sown. Well, it’s in there now and if it comes up, great, if not – screw it.

Oh, I guess one good thing was that spinach seed turned out to be much bigger than I thought. The packet was talking about spreading thinly, just like you have to attempt with the tiny carrot seeds, but spinach seeds are quite cute grey things, a few millimetres across.

Veg 1

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