Suzy and I put in a couple of shifts at the plot today, turning / starting to turn a couple of as yet untouched beds. I also laid a couple more border posts along the flower beds, attempting to level the ground one way or the other to get the warped poles to lie vaguely flat against the undulating earth.

Another good job jobbed was putting up one of the panels of trellis along the very exposed boundary. Mr B erected brand new chicken wire fencing between our newly-separated plots when I took over 5B and so I didn’t want to grow climbing flowers up it straight away. It seems more polite to keep their curly tendrils off it for the moment. Plus, a bit of trellis will aid blocking the wind, if only a little.

The fence posts turned out not to be at even 4′ intervals though, which scuppered my plan of fixing the trellis to them. So I decided to use canes, with one at either edge on the far side and one in the middle on the near side to add resistance against the wind. All that was fastened at various points, including to the fence with a line of twine woven through the trellis and around the twine that runs at the top of the fence. We gave the panel a good push all over to look for any weak spots, but by the time we’d done, there were none to be found. Now all I need is another panel of trellis, as I’ll need 4, not 3, and some new canes to finish the job.


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