I made a start on digging the grass out of the mint, but ultimately decided that I won’t put the mint back. The grass on the other side is couch grass, so it’ll only come back. There were also a number of hawthorn seedlings in there, with cress and so on. I’ve got the bulbs I dug up in a temporary pot at home while I decide what to do with them. There’s more to dig up, but this is a good start and the rest will need more careful extraction.

I’ve had a look at the elder and I’m hopeful it might be coming back to life. The black buds seem to have little red dots on them now.

In the afternoon I did some seed replacing and sowing. I’ve resown the broccoli and cosmos, as they’d shot off. I’ve also redone one Ferline and one sweetcorn, as they’d not appeared. Other things are growing quite well. The trays that are outside are starting to wake up too.

I’ve now sown:

  • a tray of French Marigold (my seed!)
  • 4 x Mars pumpkins
  • 3 x Jack Be Little

All the beans will be done next week, once I’ve fetched the root trainer from the shed. Then that’s  pretty much everything sown until we’re into the direct sowing.