When I got to the plot this morning, there was a mystery hole in Bed 3, which I refilled. One geum flower was almost open in the triangle too. One pear blossom is open, but the apple tree has a way to go yet.

I weeded all along the trellis bed and filled in the field vole holes. The one everlasting pea I was concerned about is actually still there and coming back to life, so hopefully it will recover and not be burrowed through again. The purple loosestrife is coming back really nicely.

I took out more grass and cress, and some lemon balm along the right and in the triangle. I can see signs of the bear’s breeches coming back. A number of calendulas have been pulled up as they were completely dead after a few years of pretending to be perennial. So I will definitely sow some replacements.

I stopped when I got to the mint. It’s sprouted at ground level, but you can see how overrun it is with grass at this point. The mint in the front bed is nothing like this. So I think it’s time to dig this up. What mint survives can stay, but all these weeds need to be stopped before they get even worse.

Still no sign of life from the stalks, but look at that over-wintered cornflower!