The French beans had plenty of beans hanging among the foliage and there were a few pods to find on the yin yangs too. It’s nice having small plants, but then you have to sit down to find the beans! When the next crop of beans is ready, I need to make sure I get my photographs.

I’ve got big holes where the nigella once was, but the everlasting peas are good and now the alliums are opening and waving around. The plant in Bed 1 is a wonderfully large viper’s bugloss. I must try and save some seed from it to move to the boundaries. The sweet pea by the runner beans is doing well now, having had a very weedy start in life. Looks like we should get flowers from it.

Gourd-wise the dark ones are doing a grand job of climbing the trellis. I finally have a visual on a Turks Turban that’s developing. I’ve not had any signs of proper growth on them until now.

The gourds in Bed 1 are a familiar warty pear shape, but are very pale, which is a bit different. White with dark green gourds and orange Jack be littles would be a good mix for photos.

First harvest of 2019 🙂