I did lots of weeding, deadheading and edging today. Everything’s growing really well. I’ve stood up the broccoli that was leaning. I was able to just take out one peg, but I’ll have to dismantle more to do the weeding.

The uchiki kuru has grown a huge amount in the past few days.

The first runner beans are here. And the sweetcorn is still fairly short, but has tassels now, so that’s a good sign.

I started deadheading the Canterbury Bells as usual and then realised that it had loads of buds on the stem right behind the one big dead flower. So instead deadheading needs to be just the flower and with any luck we’ll get another flush.

I fed everything in the plot with tomato food, except for the broccoli and chard.

My first glut – six courgettes, which were spread around the neighbourhood.