I took a day off to try and catch up on the gardening that I keep missing due to the weather. It worked well – I got about 6 hours in, plus a quick trip to the garden centre to pick up some little zinnias to fill the holes I made.

Mum came down and cut the grass, and gave the compost heap a bit of a turn over before adding the grass cuttings. There doesn’t seem to be any animal nest inside it and I’ve put a temporary bit of fencing inside the front gate, so hopefully that will stop the occasional digging that happens.

I’ve taken all the tomatoes out now and cut them up into the rubbish. I’ll fill the holes with some yellow zinnias, but the marigolds are really big and beautiful. I must remember to grow enough to count as standard bedding next year too. They clearly like the conditions I can give them.


The next two cucumbers have evidently suffered in the weird weather. They’re by no means as beautiful as the first two. Hopefully future ones will be back to normal though.

I harvested the first head of broccoli. Only one plant has a central head at the moment and it already has little side stalks coming along.

These are the biggest sunflowers I’ve ever grown – and they’re volunteers. The tallest was doing very well at remaining upright until today, so now it has a stake, which it will probably overpower in two seconds.

I tested the sweetcorn with the brownest tassel, but it was very pale and not ready to eat yet.

I reckon I’ll end up with 3 uchiki kuri and about 3 pumpkins. Someone had attacked this one and it fell off the vine.

I’ve finally cleared the radish out of the bed. I need to do a little more weeding and then more of my garden centre flowers can go in here to brighten things up. The chard is still producing and the one that had been chopped right down is about ready for harvesting again.

I filled two buckets from deadheading the white everlasting pea – and there are still a few bits I couldn’t reach. It needs standing up, but I’m not sure that will particularly work – unless it feels like cooperating with my one remaining cane.

A good harvest today 🙂