I finished weeding below the beans and turned up the soil a little, sprinkling in a little sulphate of potash – two scant scoops for what is roughly a square metre. I’ve pulled off more dead foliage and we keep picking beans, so I hope they’ll turn a corner soon.

While the uchiki kuri looks like it’s bust its way through the netting, doing some weeding showed that another junior pumpkin has been injured. It’s now on the compost heap. It looks like I have 4 good pumpkins though.

The tallest sunflower is now open – and seemed to have a bee on it the entire time I was there.

After some more weeding, I added in some filler bedding plants. They’re little yellow zinnias, all planted with a sprinkle of Miracle Gro.

I’ve put a couple of little zinnias in the chard bed. There’s only really room for one, but I figure there’s not much left of their growing season anyway.