The odd black eyed susan is starting to find the fence, but they’re still very small, nothing like the nasturtiums at the trellis. All but one of the runner beans have found the canes and are starting to climb too. I’ve knocked the side shoots out of the plum tomatoes too, so that’s another little chore done!

I put four pumpkin plants into the front bed. They’re smaller than I’m used to getting with pumpkin plants, but with any luck they’ll take off now that they’re in the ground. Three tomato plants have also gone into the second veg bed. They too aren’t really quite as robust as I’d like.

After a shopping spree at the nursery I have more plants for my borders, so I started putting those in. I really want to get some spreading going, so the borders can fill up and take care of themselves. So lemon balm and mint have gone in, but without being confined.

The tip lorry will be at the community centre tomorrow, so we dragged out all the bits of wood that I’ve had stored by the shed and Dad cut them down to a more manageable size, so they could be taken in the car to the car park in the morning. The blue barrel that has served me well in a variety of jobs will also finally be going. The end of an era for these inherited items, though I’m keeping a number of nicer poles back for future use. Once the car was loaded I stayed on a bit longer to get a few more plants in the ground, keeping an eye on the immense black rain cloud making its way towards me. True to form, it had to pass right over before the heavens actually opened though and I had to leave.

11th June

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