I made a mid-week visit to plant the Jack Be Littles that I’d left in pots with slug pellets, on top of upturned buckets by the shed. It turns out that wasn’t enough to keep them safe from slugs and the tops of most of them had been eaten. Mr B says that this year the slugs are the worst he’s ever seen them.

Jack Be Little

I planted the two Jack Be Littles that had survived and filled in the rest of the row with ornamental squash. The cucurbit family has always been so easy, but they’re not doing well this year. I planted the other intended row of ornamentals and put down more slug pellets.

More cosmos and marigolds went in from Adrian’s and I put the thymes under the apple tree. Hopefully they will win over the bindweed, but probably not.


Black Eye Susan

The flower beds are starting to fill up and the nasturtiums are doing well at the boundary. I had to pull some very thick branches of it back through to the right side of the fence.


The plum tomatoes are ok and I tied up a floppy one to its stake. The ordinary tomatoes look so pathetic in comparison.

Plum tomatoes

Back home I got the first coat of preserver on the final panel of trellis done, as well as the first coat of paint on my new small shelf unit. It’s exciting I might finally get some floor space back in the shed!

15th June

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