Today was Log Day, but the first job at the plot turned out to be putting the pond back together. It seems like something big had been cavorting around and had knocked down the back ledge poles on the pond, upturned the plastic on Bed 1 and rooted around, and knocked over some pots in the nursery. A bunch of pebbles have fallen off the side, but there’s no hope of seeing those again until the water clears a bit more. We reconstructed the poles and I’ve put the Sweet Flag straight at last. I covered some of the bare soil and plant roots with new pieces of bark. The thyme has now has a couple of roots in the water.

I’ve added new bark and wood to the flower bed, so the toad house is surrounded by great hidey holes and there’s also a stepping stone for taking a photo too. There’s also another vertical branch for perching, be it a little bird or a dragonfly.

All the big logs I’ve been collecting from the rec and from the pile dredged from the stream have now been laid around the perimeter. I don’t need many more before the edging is all done. Some will have to come up again when I do the weeding of the bits I didn’t do in the autumn.

I’ve rearranged the bark a little under the apple tree, adding a bendy log to the corner and building a little tunnel by putting the bark pieces on top of a couple of upturned coconut halves.

My project for digging up the mint by the elder is underway in that I have three lungwort plants at home, which I will let grow a bit bigger before planting out in a few months. The digging will have to wait a little and will probably be harder work than I’m thinking. I’ll move the grape hyacinth bulbs, probably to Bed 3. I don’t mind a bit of mint either edge of the strip, so I’ll find something (edging or wood) to sink into the ground and try and stop it spreading.

One of the Russian Sages is showing the first signs of growth, but it’s nowhere near needing its spring trim. There are all kinds of little seedlings popping up in the boundaries, but I have no idea yet what I’ll keep and what will be dug up.