One leftover job is now 99% done. I’ve edge bed 9 and left a small space in both short ends. I don’t want to make the bed smaller again for the sake of a bit of patching, so I’ll probably get a couple of bits of my fence post pieces cut to fill the gaps. The random pieces of log, which have edged the ends of bed 4 all this time are now fairly rotten, so they need dealing with too. Possibly I’ll turn to dismantling one of my leftover fence pieces.

While I was doing the edging, I had the bed mostly uncovered and a blackbird came down to gather a couple of beakfuls of worms.

Plants are gradually waking up and it won’t be long before more is blooming than just the pear tree.

High on the job list is weeding the left boundary. There’s a lot of grass, especially in among the verbenas and I need to get out what I can before the verbenas get bigger and scratchier. I do kinda wish that the weeds the other side of the fence could be strimmed down. A lot of it is poking/growing through into my patch.

Meanwhile, at home, the sweet peas and nasturtiums are still stupidly leggy. The gourds and Jack Be Little are growing fast (don’t go leggy!), the sweetcorn is up and going well, all but one of the tomatoes have sprouted, a second bitter melon is slowly appearing and all but the marigolds have appeared on the flower side of things.