I went down to the plot to potter about and try and reduce my perma-headache a little. One bear’s breeches stalk had snapped and fallen, so that’s now on the compost heap, having spiked me a little along the way.

As much as I fuss about the ledge, this pathway was looking so pretty. All the transplants seem to have survived so far.

Some of the runner beans look a little the worse for wear, which as far as I can see is simply from all the wind and rain they’ve had recently.

With all the wind, the funnel that was protecting the nibbled corn had to go back in the shed temporarily, which meant that whichever bird or mouse it is that’s been eating this cob had another chance. The funnel is back on it now.

Someone’s also been eating these sunflower seeds before being given the go, but that’s not a big deal!

The physostegia doesn’t look too bad – other than its haircut – just a bit a yellow, so I’ve put some chicken pellets down on the mulch to see if that helps.

It finally looks like I might get a bitter melon this season. I guess just the one though.

The yin yangs are doing fine and as yet animals don’t seem interested in eating them.