I did a couple of buckets of deadheading and tried to push the floppy everlasting peas back onto their fences. The cucumbers now have another level of support and I think I’m now at the point where the ball of string won’t fit between the poles any more.

After missing last week, I fed everything. I gave Bed 6 general feed to see if I can get some more life into those tomato plants. They’re a bit sparse and floppy compared to the much healthier 2 plants in Bed 7. I think the cucumbers and onions were the only things I didn’t feed – the former being too vigorous, and the latter being at the end of their days. I gave the vegetable beds a good soaking. I do actually have one beetroot looking a reasonable size now.

The trellis bed and ledge in particular are bugging me for looking messy and I’m still wondering about my approach for making them better. Maybe there’s a way I can have the taller plants in mulch at the back with a proper delineated front section for small plants. Or just put mulch all along that bed to try and keep it under better control.

I checked the first sweetcorn and found two to take home for tomorrow’s dinner. There’s an odd mix of ordinary big cobs in there as well as some with additional cobs growing right next to them, which may or may not turn into proper small cobs.