In the morning I uncovered the big bed for rotovating and a big toad was there waiting for me. While Mr B was rotovating the little one emerged and I put him under the middle plastic with the other two. Mr B did a beautiful job of the rotovating – and did the remainder of veg 2 for me to. I’ve never seen clay look so nice! I covered up the big bed again and put in a row of carrots in veg 2 straight away. There seems to be quite a lot coming up in the first veg bed too.

I planted out lots of the nasturtiums. Fingers crossed that we’re now safe from frost. There are lots of sweet peas coming up around the fence line, but they’re pretty small. Mum weeded and edged the onion bed and I pulled up all the sad, melted runner bean plants. I’ve left the collars in place though, so I won’t need to measure out spacing again. I watered the cucamelons to try and spur them on a bit. They’re such little, slow plants.

In the afternoon I finished planting the nasturtiums all around the borders and did two orange bucketfuls of edging. I’ve planted the two little zinnias from a nasturtium tray in the pot by the shed door. I thinned out one radish as an experiment. It was very long.

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