I ran the mower around and took the top off the clover. It looks lovely and green, but gets long so quickly. In the hope that I’ll get more of the front bed edging in soon, I ran a string line along the front of the bed.

I uncovered the cucamelons and found that possibly three of them have the potential to recover. The beans are done without a doubt though. The potatoes are now further up. I finished chopping up all the branches and took everything home. Another long term job completely done.

Mr B came along at a good moment and I was able to ask him to rotovate it for me. I took back the plastic to dig up the clumps of mare’s tail that I knew had come up and found 3 toads, including the little red one that Suzy and I had founds previously. I put the biggest under the plastic of the middle bed and the other two disappeared of their own accord.

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