The first weeding visit of the year. The ground’s still pretty wet underfoot, but weeding is ok. Grass is starting to wake up first of course, so I need to get hold of it before it runs wild.

The delphiniums are starting to wake up, sprouting next to their old stalks. I need to find out when to cut down the old stalk, in case they start growing at silly angles around it.

Bed 3

I weeded all of Bed 3, pulling up all the dead flax. Hopefully it’s dropped seed everywhere, better than I ever could with its seeds. The rest is yarrow, poppy and a few calendula.

I also managed to weed most of the front border. I’ve a feeling that the yellow perennials are just dead stalks, stuck firmly in the ground, but it’s ok to leave them there while I don’t have anything to replace them.