I managed to weed the whole ledge today. There was lots of cress and grass, but they’d rooted into the compost mulch, which meant that they came up really easily. Hurray for the autumn mulching! I’ve tried to fill in a few field vole holes, but they’ve not done too much here.

The thrift is really quite big now and even has one or two flower buds. They’re looking a bit brown in the middle though, so I need to keep an eye on them. I’m going to need some filler plants, but the sweet williams should be good again.

I’ve finally dug up the old thyme from under the apple. I’d just started to cut it up for the compost heap when C and V  took it off my hands for their struggling herb garden. I’ve got one more bag of wood chips, which I can put under the tree, but it would be best to cover this bit first.

There are quite a number of field vole holes along my trellis boundary. They came right up under one of my everlasting peas last year and now it looks like that plant has died. I still want a pea here, so I might look at putting a new one in the ground in a bottomless pot so that it at least has  side protection from tunnelling. The field voles are cute, but I’m in charge here.

Another dead plant. I’ve been meaning to pull up this one by the orange geum in the triangle for a few weeks. I finally did today and promptly found that it has tiny green bumps at the bottom, like dahlia eyes. I can’t see what it was from old photos, so I’ve replanted it and will give it another chance.

This hyssop also needs some attention. It’s too leggy and so I need to find out if I can give it a tough haircut, or if I need to give up and do something else here.

I took the old plans off the shed wall when I left and found a whole community of woodlice on the wall behind the one in the plastic cover.