About the lushest plant in the plot at the moment is the volunteer potato in the compost heap.

The carrots look good as usual. I need to pay attention to the beetroot. There’s been some rain and so I’ve been ignoring them, but I need to see if I can actually get some good beets this year.

Mum and I have put up three wigwams – two at the back for runner beans and one in Bed 5 for the cucumbers. I need to put some string guides around that one for the cucumbers to hold on to.

All the beds are open now and I’ve put a bag of compost on Bed 6 and done half of Bed 11. It needs another, but the right hand wigwam needs to be re-spaced and tied beforehand.

We had to pause for a bit while doing the wigwams as I was sure I saw a bird going into the nestbox, but we didn’t see it re-emerge, so it may just have been a trick of angles.

I did a mow, down to 2. I managed to do a 1 at the gate and by the shed. I can’t wait to be able to do that all over. The edges are clearly going to be the price I pay for the edges, but they’ll get strimmed before long.

I had to spray the first blackfly of the year on some cornflowers. I hope they can get established before the bugs take over. The bee house continues to fill up and one has used the hole that got pecked away – I’m now more inclined to think that it was a woodpecker trying its luck.