The flowers are not what I wanted them to be this year – I was aiming for last year’s flower beds in the boundaries. There are some pretty patches though.

The main order of the day was more ledge renovations. I unrolled the lawn edging that I’ve had in the shed for years and it cooperated quite well, being pinned against the back fence with staples (I need to buy more staples!). I put the odd staple over the edging and through the chicken wire and at either end I stabbed a hole in the plastic and fastened the edging to the fence with my bendy wire and/or a staple through the hole.

I piled compost up against the edging, which also helped to keep it upright. It’s all patted down firmly and now I need some rain to seal it in place. I didn’t have any spare clay and the garden centre’s topsoil was so sandy that it wouldn’t really have help bulk it up. We need some roots to get going.

I ‘d had the sweet peas soaking in buckets of water  and had watered them from above, but they really weren’t interested in helping themselves. One had at least managed to send a root down to the bottom since being bought, but they were never going to thrive in the pots. I took off all the dead branches and planted them pretty much back in place, but forward of the chicken wire turn-up, as there’s just no other way.

The front of them still protrudes from the bank of compost rather, but I hope in time it’ll all work out. They’ve certainly had a better watering than they’ve been able to have since being in my care, as the water just ran off the top of those pots pretty much.

My compost is getting quite full now, but it’s not just grass clippings and food leftovers. It’s also had a couple of sack of mown-up hedge clipping for some variety.

I finally had time / energy to tidy up compost corner. I have new neighbours, V and C, who have already mown down the meadow next door and are really keen. A few of the big nettles were clearly their side and had already been cut. I cut the rest of what I could reach and then sprayed the rest with weedkiller. It’s got a good reach, so I was able to get stuff down the side of the shed too.

An update on the mystery plants, while on a deadheading trip around the plot.

I don’t think any of the bitter melons have taken yet. I’m not sure there have been any male flowers around. This fruit has gone from green to yellow and is no longer firm.

At least one of the sweetcorn doesn’t have a cob yet, though it’s got a big old tassel up in the air. Another plant has a newly formed cob quite high up, so I’m interested to see what differences there may be plant to plant. The tallest plant has two big cobs on it, while the smallest plant is still the runt.

A nice big Turks Turban among the leaves. Looks like I’ll have a good number of gourds to play with.

The tomatoes have started ripening now 🙂 There are yellow leaves on pretty much all of the plants for some reason. Some are a bit discoloured and this one was even blue underneath. I think the yellowing means I need to add more nitrogen – chicken manure pellets.