I’ve planted all the plants that have been in the shed all this time, plus purple loosestrife and snapdragons saved from home into the shed. They were good and wet when I put them in, so I’m hopeful they’ll pick up and keep growing.

The big coleus I bought a while ago has gone in the middle of the bed. I think aside from additional everlasting peas for fence coverage, this ledge could just be flowers next year – broadcast sown like the flower beds last year.

I’ve put some more purple loosestrife into the gap over by the trellis, along with a few snapdragons. They should all feel free to seed down.

A couple of zinnias and other plants have gone in over near the gate and obelisk. They’re all somewhat bent and not prime examples of horticulture, but maybe they’ll improve.

Today’s harvest – French beans and yin yang beans and the first beetroot. We ate some of the beans for the first time today. They’re better than runner beans as far as I’m concerned.