Bed 1 got edged, manured and covered this morning.¬†While I was going round doing all the edging, Mum turned over Bed 7 and fished out the verbena, 2 salvias and malope that I’d left. They’re now in somewhere in the boundary.

Since the edge cutting takes forever, she also tidied up the shed a bit more, putting the terractotta pots inside for winter and emptying bits of soil from them and the grey bucket into the big ridge that runs down the main path. I think that’s where Mr B’s raspberries were and it’s never been flat along there. A bunch of old grass seed has been thrown down on top of it, but I don’t really expect it to germinate. Even though it has in-built fertiliser of mouse poo from the garage.

Just before lunch and the rainy afternoon we roughly measured up Bed 7 for me to edge. For convenience and keeping path width, it’s going to need a couple of half edge pieces.