There was quite heavy rain yesterday afternoon/evening, which was not what I was wanting with another bed left to edge. In the morning I cut and edged three sides of Bed 7, magically leaving the easiest side until last. I filled two orange buckets with great lumps of grass and clover, weighed down with lots of mud I couldn’t get off.

Over on the far side is a bit of a hole in the path, which I levelled off a bit with earth and more grass seed.

After lunch Mum came down with me as the end was definitely within sight. I laid the final side of edging, including the two half pieces Dad had cut for the ends. Then manured and covered, giving it a new piece of plastic for the end to allow it to be more comfortably covered.

We added a couple more half pieces to Bed 5 to extend the bed edging. I spread the manure out a little and added a bunch of compost to the extended area to cover it. We cut a new piece of plastic for the bed, so it’s now covered properly and in one.

I also put a bunch of compost in the hole by Bed 2 (still haven’t carved off the edge of Bed 3) and tipped out the rest of the bag into the hole along the main path.

That’s now it for winter.