A little clear weather, but the plot was still underwater. I put a new log down by the helianthus. Once the water level drops I’ll be able to better place the logs I have. The very big one may well replace a couple on the left boundary.

The pond was at flood depth and I noticed the first signs of life within it. I thought it might be some crappy frogspawn at first, but it was water fleas in the algae. They’re food for many things and also eat algae themselves, so a good start.

I planted 6 stems of water forget-me-not behind the liner by the fencepost. I put some more subsoil and stones in with them. So I hope they’ll establish well and raft out into the pond. At some point I need to sort out the puffiness of the liner, but it’s not practical at the moment.

The marsh marigold is continuing to grow well and there now seems a bud opening on one of the loosestrife.

I’ve taken the staple of the shed door again and replaced it with a cup hook for the bungee cord.