Although I was still dying to get the garlic in, I sorted out the shed door first. It’s been terrible to open since November and the hasp / padlock haven’t been in use since then either. So I took the hasp off and the door just locks on the standard lock now. I have put the bolt and screws back for the moment because they hold two block of wood inside, which also hold my keys cup hook.

The plan for now it to take all that off again and simply move the cup book onto the wall. I don’t particularly want the staple there as it’s a bit of a leverage point, but I need somewhere to hook the bungee cord – that could well just be a cup hook on the outside. I want to cover the carved out piece on the door and that’s probably going to end up being a filler piece of wood, fixed with UHU and a couple of staples on the inside of the door.

I gave Bed 11 a gentle turnover and raked half a bag of compost across it. I was on a lunch deadline, so it didn’t get anything else. I measured out the lines and then discovered that the garlic I’d bought had started to go mouldy. So I ran to the garden centre and got the only one they had: Garcua. The cloves in rows 1 and 3 are spaced 18″ apart, leaving room for oca later on.

It feels so good to be back in the garden, though it’s still very wet and muddy. And tomorrow it’s going to pour with rain all day.