I continued the ledge renovation and pulled up all the remaining nigella. I then watered what was left to give the few maligned perennials and purple bell vines a chance of recovery. The bind weed from the other plot has been bad this year, so I might need to edge the back with something to hinder it a little in future.

I fed the runner beans, quinoa and flowers. In the front bed, viper’s bugloss is opening. I thought it was all going to be calendula, but it looks like it might just be this!

The first of the black ball cornflowers has opened – right where I plotted it in bed 7. It always pays to check everywhere, because there’s so often something new to see. Over on the right hand side, the velvet curtain now has its velvet bit!

Finally took a photo of veg. Last year, counting up the forthcoming carrots and beetroot wasn’t really feasible. This year …