I started the ledge renovations in the hot sun this morning. The daisies took a while to cut down and will ultimately need digging out as much as possible when the ground is softer. I also uncovered big plumes of mare’s tail, long lengths of bindweed and a geum and mint that had been covered up. Both things that should have had no trouble making an impression under normal circumstances.

I’m just pulling up the nigella now and sprinkling any seed that happens to be ready. For now it’s more important to uncover the mess and sort out the weeds that are trying to take over. It’s going to get worse before it gets better and I’m still not entirely set on what the end result should be.

I finally cut the one calendula flower and brought it home to add to my vase of flowers. I have achieved stage one of my main aim for this year’s focus on flowers: cut flowers at home. Now I need to move on to having enough – and blooms that are not perhaps starting to fade – to photograph. There are certainly lots more calendula coming down the line and they’re cut and come again flowers for sure. I’ve also determined that cut a sprig of verbena will cause it to sprout, though the flowers like to then immediately drop from what you’ve just cut.