Lots of greenery outside the back door now, including a tray full of various squashes and pumpkins. At the back are cherry tomatoes which are meant to now stay in those pots and tumble over with cascading bounty in time. Hmm, we’ll see.

White door

At the allotment, the shed another step closer to being fully painted, with Mum having done the second coat of white on the door and the gable ends. The inside is still only partly done, but it’s not the priority at the moment.

Rough earth

One job done today was very satisfying: installing the compost bins properly. The earth beneath them was very compacted, as we’d walked all over it when erecting the shed. So we dug it over to allow the worms to come up should they wish and then settled the compost bins into place, pushing them in to the earth a bit in an effort to stop them being too mobile in windy weather. The first buckets of grass are now in there, but with all the nasty weeds I’m otherwise digging up, there probably won’t be much more to add from the plot until I start pulling up spent pumpkin vines later in the year. A few helpings of kitchen waste will be added over time, I’m sure.

Dug over

Compost bins

1st May 2016

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