I did some good maintenance weeding on the left. I left quite a lot of small self sown verbena for next years, as the big ones haven’t done much this year. I’ve planted the one asarina that grew against the fence.

I’m stilling missing my pumpkins, so having found a couple of bush pumpkin seeds in my old seed box last night, I’ve sown the two seeds in pots. May is meant to be the latest, but let’s see what happens.

Also found in the seed box was the packet of spinach seeds and I’ve put those in a row in front of the quinoa. They’ll be going to seed any moment, I’m sure. In an effort to encourage them to grow, I mixed Miracle Gro and chicken pellets into the compost.

The pink bumble bee tomatoes have had their side shoots removed now. The Red Alerts are bush, not cordon, so they get left.

The first purple bell vine flower has arrived – on the other side of the fence of course. We’ve done a bit of training for the sweet peas to get them a bit more fanned out.
Nasturtiums at trellis picking up?

I mixed up some weak general fertiliser and gave it to the verbenas and nasturtiums for encouragement. Various of them are starting to pick up and the one to the left of the nasturtium now has a branch long enough to grab onto the fence.

Finally, I weeded veg bed and got ride of the weeds and the dehydration cracks. I also determined where the gaps are (again), ready for yet another resow.