The main project today was turning the chrysanthemum bed into an angelonia bed. If the frondy little seedlings coming up were chrysanthemums and not weeds, they were certainly far too small to even think about flowering in July, so turning the bed over to angelonias was the way to go. We turned about a bag of compost into the ground and added Miracle Gro, so I hope they’ll go well now.

Mum put a couple of angelonia into holes in the ledge and the final two angelonias went into the right hand bed, one where the bark chips end. That one might need to move if it’s not sunny enough there, but for now it fills in a hole that doesn’t have the potential to be filled by nasturtiums.

The veg bed isn’t going great guns yet. It might need to be constantly resown to get results. I do at least have most of a line of carrots going. It clearly needs more water though; it’s always annoying when the ground cracks like that when there’s stuff in there meaning you can’t dig away the cracks.

I didn’t get a photo, but I saw one or two little grasshoppers.

Looks like there will be lots of apples this year. No sign of any pears yet.