3rd anniversary!

While Mum weeded the front bed, I edged bed 2 and manured it. The salvia that had valiantly survived is now by the gate in the front bed. We’ll see if it survives the winter.

I edged bed 3 and we spread leaves and manure over most of it. The chard is going to stay a little longer before its final harvest, at which point the remainder of the bed will be manured. The bed is pretty much 5′ x 5′, but a little shorter at the bottom left corner.

Taking into account the edging, bed 2 has gone to more like 2′ x 9′.

In the afternoon I went back and mulched the front bed and a little round the corner where Mum had weeded. I’ll move the calendula in there later. Filling buckets with compost and hauling them across the plot and then spreading them out takes far longer than you think it will.

The shed is comically full at the moment and that’s with a couple of bags of wooden edging now emptied and in place. The big bags at the front are full of crab apple leaves and coffee grounds from the shop. My car stinks of coffee.

I pulled up the remaining carrots and beetroot. All the latter and most of the former went straight on the compost pile. We’ll probably be pulling out the compost bins this week coming. Look out, rat!

I dug over the bed with the hand fork – my hips just about made it – and got most of the weeds out. I’m sure I will have missed a few. The bed is in dire need of measuring and edging. I know through the summer there were markers for the edge of the bed and yet the bed went beyond them.

It all looked a bit different 3 years ago…