Another beautiful day, but now of course I’m wishing there could be some overnight rain soon.

In the morning I planted all my morning glories around the obelisk and sowed my remaining seed in the gaps. I threw down slug pellets, as collars seemed rather big to deal with. Let’s see if that’s enough.

I also planted the last pink achillea with its mates in Bed 3 and put two of the orange ones on opposite corners of Bed 7. I’ve realised that Bed 1 can be the meadow bed again and Bed 7 and 11 will be more structured, with larger plants like cosmos, zinnias and the chrysanthemums – which I hope I’ll have soon.

In the afternoon I planted the last orange achillea, but not before clearing a load of grass from the lemon balm, and then digging some up and moving it into a gap at the back of the bed. Then I gave the two holes a layer of compost before putting the achillea in.

There’s one delphinium that got a bit damaged and is still struggling. Most of those leaves are barely attached, but I’m leaving them be in case a tiny but of sun power is still getting through to the plant. There’s some new growth coming, I just need it to hurry up.

I finally decided where to put the last two small yellow geums. One is near the apple tree by the trellis, the other is on the edge of plum corner, among the rejigged lemon balm. That puts it pretty close to the big yellow geum in the middle.

I made another mix of flower seed for the remaining holes in Bed 1: aster, cornflower, poppy, flax, calendula, penstemon, some unknown black seeds -corn cockle? -, cape gooseberry, malope, mystery thistle from 2018.

I sprinkled a bunch of poppy seed among the gaps in Plum corner and under the fence brace on the left of the gate. The seed seemed to germinate like mad on the ledge, so let’s see what happens.

To keep the achillea company, I’ve now sprinkled coreopsis, flax and pink candytuft seed in a wide border around the edge. I know coreopsis doesn’t mind the dryness, but I don’t know about the others.