In the morning, I sowed:

16 x Wey runner beans (white seeds)
8 x yellow French beans (only 6 plants needed for the row)
4 x sunflowers
8 x calendula
12 x cornflower
4 x cape gooseberry
4 x coreopsis
4 x gaillardia
4 x clary
8 x penstemon

I’ve uncovered Bed 9 and dragged my fork over it to try and disturb the ants a bit. With any luck someone will eat them overnight. I thought I was going to dig over the bed, but instead got stuck into weeding the left boundary.

It seems like the verbenas aren’t as strong as they used to be. Some were dead and crumbling, but some were coming to life. So I’ve transplanted the good stuff I found and rearranged it to make a more robust patch of cover.

So much more grass to clear though.