The first bed is now open for business! I dug it over a bit, turning the compost and dry ants’ nests into the soil. I’ve marked up space for a couple of wigwams and have decided that I’ll keep the frame standing for simplicity. I’ll sow a bean or two at the bottom of the verticals and hope that they grow well enough to get up to the horizontal strut too.

I’ve put in a row of carrot and a row of beetroot so far. I’ll find other places to put rows too. I still don’t have a proper plan 😬

After lunch I tidied up an inch or two in the shed and emptied the white sack of straw into the compost heap. With no garden waste being taken at the moment, I’ll have to take some more grass from home to help out, so this gives a dry layer too. It smelled delightful too.

The apple tree is starting to bloom, but it’s now really obvious what a good haircut it had over winter. It looks a pretty good shape and nice and airy at the moment.

I went back to the left border and carried on wearing myself out digging up all the awful couch grass. I unearthed a bit more verbena to add to the newly formed patch. I’ve also finally transplanted the poorly little geum that’s been sat in a pot all winter and put that with the verbenas too.

I’ve now reached where the mint starts, which is going to make it difficult to just dig up the grass and replant what’s wanted, as the mint breaks up into bits, while the verbenas were distinct clumps. It seems like the left hand bed has reached a turning point and is about to get some big holes in it that will need filling.